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This page is rather a hodge-podge of buttons at present. There are a couple of older buttons that I have not made duplicates, as well as some newer ones that are available for purchase. Double clicking on the image will bring up a larger view, if available. Use the Back button on your browser to return to this page from the larger view of individual buttons.

1) Mary Englebreit fabric embellished with beads and cotton floss.

2) Elephant on perforated paper with cotton floss and glass beads.

3) Donkey on perforated paper, cotton floss, glass beads.

Blk_gold.jpg (4977 bytes)

4) Beaded openwork shape, clear plastic shank woven in.

lady.jpg (12527 bytes)

5) Cotton floss, metallic floss, pearl beads, green crystal on perf paper, plastic shank.

strawbry.jpg (10937 bytes)

6) Glass beads on Aida cloth.

7) Geranium, green velvet, glass beads.

8) Mary Englebreit fabric, silk ribbon, metallic floss, cotton floss, and glass beads.

9) Stone donut 14/0 beads

10) Stone donut 14/ beads, peyote design.

11) Rock crystal donut, 14/0 beads, adventurine hearts.

12) Carnelian donut, beaded star.

13) Year 2000 button, printed design embellished with 11/0 & 12/0 beads

14) ME sunflower embellished with beads

15) ME Rose embellished with beads.

16) ME Sunflower enbellished with beads.

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